About Carrie Alongi, CNWI

Owner & Instructor at Fabled Tails Dog Sports

Hi, I’m Carrie! After two decades in the corporate world, I was able to return to my childhood dream of working with dogs. In 2020, I joined Marin Humane as a Dog Training Instructor, and began hosting events, including National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) Trials and Odor Recognition Tests (ORTs). I’m passionate about Nose Work and the benefits it brings to dogs and their humans, and that’s why I’m so excited to help new teams discover the joy of sniffing sports.

I am a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI), ORT Judge, and teach all levels of Nose Work from introduction to elite. I continue to attend classes, workshops, and online courses with expert instructors, including two founders of K9 Nose Work®. That means I can help you achieve your goals, whether it is to start a new dog in the sport, prepare for competition, or simply to have fun with your dog.

I am a seasoned competitor, traveling and competing with my own dogs, Oliver and Poppet. I understand the unique challenges of trialing, and have helped my students find success, many earning top placements in competition. I have experienced the challenges of an anxious and fearful dog and the triumph of watching him blossom, and that’s why I believe Nose Work can benefit your dog.

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A Twist on Oliver of Wasatch SWAE SWD SMT ELT-CH BCAT RATI TKI

High in Trial: NW2, NW3, Elite, Advanced, Masters (4x)

Oliver is my extremely smart, sensitive and devoted Entlebucher, born in 2018. We’ve had many challenges along the way, and he has taught me invaluable lessons.

Oliver began exhibiting anxiety and fear as an extremely young puppy. Along with behavior training, we began nose work classes to build his confidence and reduce reactivity. Our path has not always been easy, but helping Oliver transform into a happy and confident boy has been extremely rewarding.  

Oliver was my inspiration to become a CNWI, and help other dogs and handers discover the joy and benefits of nose work. He was the first Entlebucher to earn a Summit Title and also the first to become an Elite Champion, and the third to earn an AKC Detective title. Oliver’s love of nose work continues to shine as he competes in the Summit League. I am so proud of Oliver and his remarkable journey.

Poppet Camp 510


Fabled Entlen of Arrowood SWA NW3 L1I

High in Trial: Novice, Advanced, L1I

Poppet, born in October 2022, is my delightful and exuberant Entlebucher Mountain Dog. She is equal parts sweet and sassy, making me laugh every day. She has a vibrant personality, often expressing herself as loudly as possible, much to my chagrin. Poppet has brought me an entirely different challenge, learning to manage her arousal while keeping her drive and enthusiasm.

Poppet has eagerly embraced every sport we’ve tried, and has shown a particular talent in scenting, earning numerous placements and titles in her initial AKC and NACSW competitions.

In addition to nose work, we are actively training in barn hunt, agility, and flyball with the Marin Running Riot Flyball Club. Poppet is just getting started, and her future looks bright.

What students are saying…

“I love taking classes with Carrie…she is a great instructor and a kind and patient person. A joy to learn with her.”

“Carrie is an incredible teacher. We are addicted to her classes. It is hard to try anyone else because she is just the best.”

“Carrie is an absolutely wonderful and skilled trainer.  Great person and always upbeat.”

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